Underwater Camera Operator

Starting with my open water in 2006 I first was just a holiday diver, but on a longtime travel through Asia, I got to Komodo and I got infected by the Dive-Virus. Since then I do around 100 dives a year, all with my camera and the aim to show the beauty of the Underwater World. 
I startet in 2011 with a GoPro, but already after my first divetrip with it the quality was not good enough for me, so I upgraded to a Sony RX-100 and I shot with it a few years until I needed something professional. Now with a Panasonic GH5 I’am really satisfied and ready to go on more adventures.

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Two years ago, while diving at “Little Brother” in the Red Sea, I witnessed a very special behavior in an oceanic whitetip shark. I first thought the shark was giving birth but realized quickly that this can’t be possible. I forwarded the footage to Dr. Ornella Céline Weideli, a Swiss shark researcher, who told me it’s a cleansing process, or a so-called “intestinal eversion”. While this cleansing behavior itself is very rare to observe, the footage further showed two rainbow runners chasing and attacking the gut contents and the sharks’ intestines.

Since these behaviours have never been documented before, my footage is now published as a novel scientific observation in the Journal of Ethology. ->go to article