Underwater Filmmaker / Photographer


I will do your underwater Video with care to the environment. My policy is first nature and then my picture. I want to do all for the best picture, but only in harmony with nature. I’m convinced animals feel that and so they let me film them. This is my expierience in the last years. Fish are Friends and I love them, so I will protect them as much as I can. Is this what you are looking for, for your Divebase, Hotel, Tour or Liveaboard? Contact me and I’ll do my best and with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Starting with my open water in 2006 I first was just a holiday diver, but on a longtime travel through Asia, I got to Komodo and I got infected by the Dive-Virus. Since then I do around 100 dives a year, all with my camera and the aim to show the beauty of the Underwater World. 

I startet in 2011 with a GoPro, but already after my first divetrip with it the quality was not good enough for me, so I upgraded to a Sony RX-100 and I shot with it a few years until I needed something professional. Now with a Panasonic GH5 I’am really satisfied and ready to go on more adventures.


My newest Underwater Videos



Galapagos Series

In an 8-part series I dive in the Galapagos:

A childhood dream finally come true. I do a liveaboard to Wolf & Darwin, the best dive sites in the world. Logically the expectations are super high and I can’t wait to get there. What is Galapagos like? What is waiting for me? And will it be as great as everybody told me?

Join me on my adventure to the Galapagos Islands underwater and on land.



Raja4Divers – Marine Life Movies

This was a Project I did for Raja4Divers. 9 short movies for their Website. They show whats around the resort and whats special about the area. With some short facts in the movies the guests should get to know a little bit more about special divesites or marine life.



Raja Ampat – Indonesia

I’ve been so many times to Raja Ampat, and everytime I had so much footage to do Videos. Here are the best ones:



Komodo – Indonesia












Egypt 2018

Raja Ampat 2018

Raja Ampat 2017


Raja Ampat 2016